Putting Scarcity Marketing Into Practice

Module 2

In this module, we get very practical: you’ll see exactly how we apply various countdowns and time limits on a website. No matter what your website and your promotion are about, you can follow along with these steps to create your own campaign.

Module Structure

Behind the Scenes: Our Exact Scarcity Marketing Sequence

Continuing the theme of keeping it real, in this video we take a look at the exact scarcity marketing sequence we used on one of our product launches. And by exact, I mean: you’ll see the actual emails we sent, the exact timings of when we sent them and the sales results corresponding to them.

Two Scarcity Marketing Recipes

In this short lesson, we introduce two recipes you can apply to your business: the “under the radar” promotion and the classic product launch or sale. You’ll see the exact steps and timings required to make these promotions as effective as possible.
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